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Turkey on the Table : A New Family Tradition

Turkey on the Table : A New Family Tradition
Did you know that gratitude is a learned behavior? Turkey on the Table™ is a book & activity that encourages the whole family to express and display their gratitude.  Our goal is to turn thankfulness into a daily routine.  As parents, we want to instill values in our children that help them understand and appreciate all of life’s blessings. Cultivating a grateful heart helps create a happy child!
Not only will your family experience the benefits of being thankful, you will also experience the joy of giving, knowing that 10 warm meals will be provided to someone in need with each Turkey on the Table™ sold. To date, 4,102 meals have been donated through the efforts of Turkey on the Table.

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Start a Tradition, Give Thanks & Give Back!™

As moms of young children, we had a vision and wanted to teach our children a sense of gratitude. Our goal was to turn “thankfulness” into an activity, focusing on the things they have, and not the things they don’t. Not only is gratitude a learned behavior, research shows that it is linked to happiness. A thankful heart is a happy heart!

We hope that this new family tradition helps your family focus on all the good things in your life, and while doing so you are helping others too! We feel strongly that every American deserves a Thanksgiving dinner, no matter what their circumstances; and with your help, we believe we can put Turkey on the Table™ for everyone!

Our commitment to THANKS and GIVING is to help spread happiness to your family, and to someone in need by providing a Thanksgiving meal for each product sold.

In Gratitude,

April & Kerry

(all images and quotes from turkeyonthetable.com)

Wishing you love, good cheer and a Happy New Year

Wishing you love, good cheer and a Happy New Year

This year celebrate with your little ones, it’s Noon Years Eve! It’s a countdown to noon so everyone can participate.


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