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Preference for Purple

Preference for Purple

According to Project Nursery’s Baby Room Trends for 2014, moms may be picking purple over pink this year. If you land on lavender, we can help you design the perfect crib with Bella Notte’s new color introduction, Powder. Bella Notte describes it as a hue of soft lavender that echoes vintage femininity from a glamorous era. Giving each fabric a dusty romantic glow, Powder makes any ensemble timeless. Whether you’re just adding accents, or want purple to be the star of the room, we have lots of different ways to incorporate it with these beautiful linens.

chesapeake in powder (68)

BN Zia Warm

bnl_201412-42Zia Warm incorporates Powder, Perfect Peach, and Petal.



Photos from bellanottelinens.com