In 1988, Miki Brugge left her job as a fashion buyer for a major department store chain to start her own store featuring fun and unique children’s clothes. A new mom herself, she was frustrated by what was then available in the stores. On her frequent buying trips, she would come across exciting new lines from start up companies that were just to small to produce the huge volume that the “big box” stores needed, and yet, were too small to get their names out to different parts of the country.

Over the years, the store has grown–along with its customers. A great many of Cotton Tails customers today are now second and third generation customers. With a reputation for quality products and exceptional customer service, Cotton Tails has become a tradition for families across the Southern United States and beyond.

Whenever you are in Memphis, please stop in to visit. Here is our location, and our store hours are Monday thru Saturday, 10am until 6pm. If you would like to call, we can be reached at 901.685.8417



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  1. Visited from Ohio, just love the quality and selection! Would love to have a Cottontails in the Columbus, Ohio area. Beautiful things for my beautiful grandchildren, highly recommend this store.

  2. When i visited cotton tail back in 1994 the environment was meek and I did not want to leave out of the store. At the time I was a single mother of 3. Now, that they are all grown and gone, I am now the proud grandmother of baby IVY who I will be shopping for there, also have the prices changed any for the better. I really mean that and do you all now have a more reasonable clearance rack, not that I will be shopping from it all the time, but it does help. I will stop by tomorrow morning, looking for something for my darling to take her pictures in. Do you all have matching hair accessories?

  3. Absolutely love CT! Maintains high quality distinct childrens’ clothing and assessories, something that is missing in larger department stores.
    Thanks so much!

  4. I love your store, it is sweet and soft and gives off a very serene essence. I actually wated to know where you guys hiring because I would love to work here. Im 18 but I dont know what your expectations are. So can I please get some feed back. Sincerly, In Need

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