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Abby Cullum and her husband Oran Sr. found out they were pregnant with twins in 2012. Soon after finding out she was pregnant, the couple found out one of the twins, Oran Jr., had Anencephaly. Anencephaly which is a type of neural tube defect where a child is born without parts of the brain and scull.

“I only have like one picture of them together, and it’s right after they were born,” said Cullum.

Cullum said calling her family was happy and sad at the same time.

“We had called and told them that we were having twin boys,  identical twin boys, and then five minutes later had to call back and say ‘Okay, now we’ve found out that one of them isn’t going to live after he’s born,” said Cullum.

Oran Jr. did not live long, but his impact is lasting. So much so, Cullum started Naro, a clothing company, in honor of her son.

“Anencephaly affects babies 20 to 28 days after conception, so before you even know you’re pregnant it happens. So, if there’s a way to figure out how to prevent it, we need to know,” said Cullum.

The name sake for the store is Oran spelled backwards and Cullum will donate all proceeds from her company to Duke University.

Abby said its the only university researching neural tube defects like Anencephaly.

“For now, there’s no reason why it happens, and it could pretty much happen to any person who wants to become pregnant or who is pregnant,” said Cullum.

Cullum hopes that Oran’s twin, Jude, will know his brother.

“I talk about his brother all the time and I think once he gets old enough to understand that he did have a twin brother, it’s gonna be a lot more difficult,” said Cullum.

Also, she hopes that Oran Jr.’s life will make a mark, raising awareness and funding for research.

“It’s weird that one twin would be so sick even though they’re identical…how is one so sick and one so perfectly healthy? That’s why we need all this money for research they need to figure out why that happens,” she said.

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