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Fall Family Fun

Fall Family Fun

Here is a fun fall craft for the whole family to enjoy! Get outside, enjoy the soon to be crisp fall weather and gather some pine cones. Here are a few of our favorites we’ve found from some great blogs. Click on the link to find a tutorial. (Before bringing Pine Cones into your house for crafts, REMEMBER to Bake the Bugs Out of them first! Preheat Oven to 200 Degrees and Bake Pine Cones for 45 Minutes! Spread your pine cones out and don’t bake all at once) pine-cone-crafts

flower-pine-conesFlower Pine Cones from The Whoot

pine-cone-fairyPine Cone Fairy from Willodel

pine-cone-batsPine Cone Bats from Fireflies and Mudpies

pine-cone-turkeysPine Cone Turkeys from Sorta

Wishing you love, good cheer and a Happy New Year

Wishing you love, good cheer and a Happy New Year

This year celebrate with your little ones, it’s Noon Years Eve! It’s a countdown to noon so everyone can participate.


Edible Glitter Fortune Cookies with fun surprises and good wishes for the New Year

edible glitter fortune cookies

Milk and Cookies

milk and cookies

Paper Plate Noise Maker
paper-plate-noise-makerAnd many, many more ideas here!