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Earth Day D.I.Y.

Earth Day D.I.Y.

bird feederWhat You’ll Need:

*1 empty gallon plastic milk jug
or empty half-gallon milk or juice carton
*1/8” dowel or twig, 3” – 4” in length

How To:

1. Measure about an inch above the bottom of the jug, and mark a dot on the side of the jug. Do the same on the other side of the jug. At each dot, make a hole 3-inches in diameter. Wash and dry your carton thoroughly.

2. Using your scissors, cut a square on each side of the carton. (see yesterday’s photo). The square should be at least large enough for a bird to stick his head through.

3. Decorate your carton as desired. (see photo for ideas)

4. Using your hole punch or scissors, make a small hole below each square. Be sure that the holes on opposite sides of each other line up with each other so that the stick will be level or straight.

5. Push your sticks or rods through the holes from one side of the carton to the other.

6. Fill the bottom of the carton with bird seed.

7. Staple the top of the carton shut.

8. Punch a hole or two in the top of your carton to run the string through.

9. Hang your finished feeder to a tree branch.

Thanks to Recycle, Reuse, Renew Mother Earth Projects for this tutorial!


New book from silhouette artist, Clay Rice

New book from silhouette artist, Clay Rice

mama lets make a moon

“Mama let’s make a moon; it won’t cost too much. We’ll use second-hand stardust And leftover love; We’ll stuff it with silly And marshmallow goo And paint it with promise. Mama, Let’s make a moon.”

Award winning and nationally recognized author/illustrator Clay Rice has created a beautifully poetic tale about a humble mountain family who decide to make a moon. Created with Rice’s renowned individual paper cut art, the fun begins when the brother and sister start collecting the “ingredients”. The “Recipe For A Moon” contains everything from “a stream full of silver, a swan’s starry shine, and 2 ‘possum’s paws of dream dust from the imagination mine.” Along the way they teach the reader about love, the importance of relationships, and the joy of making something from nothing.

His book will be available in stores May 1st, 2013! We will have Clay Rice back in the store making silhouettes this fall.

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