Julie’s 25th Anniversary Party!

Julie’s 25th Anniversary Party!

On Saturday, January 14, 2017 we gave our store manager, Julie Boshwit, the day off. We told her to relax, stay away from the store, but to come by after the store closed to share some snacks and sodas with her fellow employees. 

The occasion was the 25th Anniversary of her employment here at Cotton Tails. Julie has been with us since we were a tiny store in the Oak Court Mall, and we thought that it would be a grand idea to throw her a big surprise party.

As the store was closing Saturday night, Kris Meggers, the custom designer in our Nursery department, got everyone busy converting the store into the setting for a grand celebration. To highlight this as Julie’s silver anniversary, she had all of the employees wear gray, black, and silver. All of the mannequins were dressed the same. The store was festooned with dozens of silver balloons and tables covered with silver table clothes.

A Catered Affair set up a scrumptious banquet table and brought out bottles of chilled champagne. The lights were dimmed and candles lit. Joining Julie’s fellow employees were many of her close friends and family. Everyone waited for the moment they could shout SURPRISE! as Julie and her family entered the store.

Indeed it was a delightful surprise when she arrived and we had an opportunity to show her our love and gratitude for the twenty-five years that she has been one of our most valued employees. 

Thank you Julie from all of us and from all of your many, many friends at Cotton Tails